10/14/19  Historic Hall Reopens in Elsah
         The Farley Music Hall in Elsah will reopen for public events this week for the first time since flood waters penetrated the historic structure in May.  (see more . . .)
10/14/19  Green Tree Inn adds Gazebo in Elsah
          The Green Tree Inn of Elsah has completed an outdoor gazebo for events such as weddings, family reunions and community events.  (see more . . .)
05/09/18  Elsah's Spring Festival Returns for Second Year
          The charming village of Elsah is preparing for its second annual spring festival complete with food, shopping, music and good old-fashioned friendliness.  (see more . . .)
05/02/18  A Showcase of Elsah General Store, 3 Years Strong
                 Blair and Dory Smith had two things in mind when they opened Elsah General Store in April 2015. (see more . . .)
02/15/18  Board of Trustees Approve Liqour Ordinance
                 For the first time in 100 years, trustees approved a liquor control ordinance to benefit any                          incoming restaurant as the village works toward becoming more of a destination.  (see more . . .)
01/12/18  Elsah General Store Offers Unique Shopping Experience for Eagle Watchers, Tourists and Locals                       The Elsah General Store at 22 LaSalle Street in Elsah is a unique business with a dual focus (see more . . .)
12/21/17  B&B Owner Shares Love of Cooking - The Green Tree Inn - Elsah
                                          When it comes to the holidays, Connie Davis, who owns and operates Elsah’s Green Tree Inn along with
                   her husband, Gary, always has a few tried and true desserts and other dishes up her sleeve  (see more . . .)
12/21/17  Village of Elsah Receives Grant for Historic Building Renovation
Landmarks Illinois awarded a grant the village, for which it applied in November, to help restore the historic Mott Building that once housed the popular Elsah Landing restaurant.  (see more . . .)

12/08/17  Elsah Economic Development Progresses, Village Seeks Entrepreneur for Building

                      Former Elsah Landing building’s refurbishing progress punctuates economic development efforts (see more . . .)

11/25/17  At Home: 1854 Elsah Brick House is like 'Going Back in Time'
                       “Somehow we seem to always end up near a river,” says Barbara Ostrowski. “Our children were raised in                                         Kirkwood, but then we moved to Hermann, then Defiance and now Elsah.”  (see more . . . )
07/03/17  Village of Elsah Seeks Entrepreneur for Newly Acquired ‘Elsah Landing’ Building
                       Strategic planning efforts bore fruit Monday morning for the village that closed on purchasing a historic                      building, for which municipal leaders seek an entrepreneur to lease or buy for commercial use.    (see more . . .)
Summer 2017  Home Away From Home - A Day in the Life of a B&B
  Guests come from near and far to stay at Elsah's Green Tree Inn (see more . . . )

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